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Whether you are into gaming or multimedia.

You have a store or you want to create one? You are at the right place. Our platform will allow you to realize your projects but also to gain visibility.

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Whatever your field of expertise, publishing content is essential. Whether it/s in the form of videos (live, stream,...) photos or other. Do not hesitate to publish and share your work.

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The content will allow you to get known and therefore to have more potential customers and thus gain notoriety. Visibility is what allows you to have views and returns on your work.

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Your content is published and you have gained visibility. Now, you can decide to make all your content paid or only a part of it, to make money.


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It only takes a few minutes to register. All you need is an email and a password. If you are a creator, the step is a little longer because we will need additional information but don/t panic, it doesn/t take long (avoid registering on a Sunday because our moderators are resting).

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We not only provide a sharing platform but also our services. Our team is made up of web developers specializing in cybersecurity so we can help you create a website for your projects and secure it.




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